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Hey I'm Alexis,

the best way to describe me would be a Mum, Business Woman, Serial Entrepreneur and Freedom Hacker...oh and not forgetting Matcha Latte obsessor!

My sole mission in life is to have my life on my terms.....that is doing what I love, when I want to do it.

I now have the privilege of helping other women achieve the same.

I know you’re committed to creating a bigger life too, where success, financial and time freedom and choices are your new norm.

As a committed female entrepreneur, you know your business is so much more than what you do… it’s the vision you hold, the positive change you can create, and who you can help as a result.

When we work together we can do, create and achieve so much more than you would on your own.

At every step in my business life I have always enlisted help and support, there are no medals for struggling on your own.

If you are ready to launch a new business, create something or just grow what you already have then I would love to chat! Drop me an email and tell me what your sticking point is for moving forward.