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Simple Blog SEO Checklist for Busy Entrepreneurs

Have you googled ‘Blog SEO checklist’ recently, hoping for something simple and quickly gotten a little bogged down?


In this post, I’ve picked out a few of the most important SEO-related actions that you need to consider as you write, and check before you hit publish. From picking a keyword (and WHY you need one in the first place) to making sure Google can ‘see’ your pictures, let’s get started with this basic blog SEO checklist.

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The 5 Key Questions to a Successful Marketing Strategy

The 5 Key Questions To A Successful Marketing Strategy.

Here’s the real secret that successful businesses practice with extreme discipline: Creating a clear marketing strategy is not what businesses do after they get big, it’s what small companies do to grow and get bigger in the first place.

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Attention Small Businesses...are your sales slower than you would like?

Converting actual people to sales is tricky for small have the product or service but no real strategy!  This is the problem.  Join my free live masterclass to learn some of the systems and strategies for online sales success.  See you there!!

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