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Dr. Rachel’s Top 5 Spiritual Self-Care Practices to Raise Your Vibration and Manifest What You Desire the Most!


Spiritual self-care practices are critical ways that we can stay connected to who we are, and they’re prerequisites for manifestation.  Manifesting what you desire the most in life is a process of aligning your energy with the source of creation (call it God, the cosmos, the universe, or whatever your word for it is).

Spiritual self-care opens you to co-creation with divine source, in which you nurture and embody you deepest intuition, wholehearted truth and allow that to guide your decisions and actions. When you eliminate unnecessary and untrue fear from your mind and body, you open yourself up to manifesting a reality that has boundless potential. Connecting to your spirit is essential because it’s the process of cultivating self-trust and belief in your own purpose and power. From that place, you can be sure your path will unfold as a manifestation of your deepest desires. Alignment is the coolest and manifestation is something to delight in.

Spiritual self-care practices aren’t necessarily about relaxing and giving priority to luxury (which can be nice too!).  They’re more about purification of energy that needs to be recycled or removed. They offer consistent inspiration (required for manifestation vibrations), and they connect us to the deepest and most authentic parts of what we’re here to do and how we want to show up.

They’re our spirituality embodied and we should commit to them with daily devotion and joyful discipline. Mani/pedi’s are nice but the type of self care that I am talking about and encouraging you to connect more to is about raising your energetic vibration so you’re aligning with the universe. Through this, you live from your authentic place of power, you’re confident the path you’re on is right, and you stay open to all of the ways that you can so magnificently manifest all it is you want.

Here are my top 10 spiritual self-care practices to raise your vibration and manifest what you desire the most!

  1. Essential oils: A MUST. Ingest, Sniff, Diffuse. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Why I love and recommend: They’ve been a game changer at helping soothe my nervous system, staying anchored, AND they make my home smell like a spa. I love the use of nontoxic approaches to healing, and that they’re accessible and effective.

  2. Meditation: Meditating daily provides the mind with the chance to soften, quiet, and get curious. It’s also an opportunity to be still, to self-discover, and to elevate your own consciousness. Why I love and recommend: This type of awareness allows me to make decisions from an awakened place. I’m able to discern better between what’s fear and what’s love; what thoughts I can trust and which ones I can’t. That lights the path to what my highest self knows I need, instead of letting the ego mind’s fear-based chatter direct my action or take up my attention (which would really impair manifestation!)

  3. Working out:  Exercise has brain-based benefits that support health, and obviously feeling comfortable and strong in our bodies helps elevate our vibration. Beyond this though, working out is an opportunity to intentionally purify.  Why I love and recommend: There’s a release of energy, a detoxification through sweating, and a symbolic opportunity to show that you can persist, put in the work, and yield rich results that you can feel proud of.  Lifting weights has allowed me to feel strong in my body as a woman, and cardio is one of the most profound experiences I have with my spirit. I pump my ultimate, epic gym playlist, and allow my body to sweat out all the fears, worries, and yesterday’s baggage. I arise feeling confident, clear, and ready to wear my boss babe spirit like the badge it is.

  4. Building community:  Spirituality is so closed connected to our sense of community. We need to find and build our tribe so that we stay elevated and uplifted. Why I love and recommend: When I feel seen, understood, and connected with like-minded others, I feel more secure; more grounded in who I am. That type of support is crucial to manifestation. So, find your tribe! Go to a yoga class, a local meditation group, or join an online Facebook group that’s centered around your spiritual interests.

  5. Intention-setting:  This is a conscious process, and anything happening from an aware and awakened state is an act from spirit. Getting really clear on our desires, and then aligning our intentions in our lives with those desires is the very recipe for manifesting what we want!  Why I love and recommend:  Intention-setting reminds me of my power, my ability to shift my very own experience, and to show up in my life in ways that I most want. It’s a connection to myself and my life that feels like an expression of spiritual responsibility. Try journaling it out each morning or before bed. Or on Sunday’s, spend 30 minutes declaring your intentions for the upcoming week, in business, home life, relationships, finances, and whatever else matters to you.

If you want to read number 6-10 on Dr. Rachel’s list of Spiritual Self-Care Practices to Raise Your Vibration and Manifest What You Desire the Most, check out her website at where she has Part II waiting for you...I know I will be hot footing it over there!


Dr. Rachel is a licensed clinical psychologist, spiritual healer, and fellow human helping modern-day women discover what it takes to heal and reveal their wholeness so they can free themselves to live our their purpose.  She guides women to release the victim mindset, liberate their pains, and recognise that life is working for them.

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