Frequently Asked FAQs


Who is coaching for and what does it do?

It's for existing (or aspiring) entrepreneurs, founders, creators, writers, designers, coaches, wellness gurus, marketers, communicators, connectors, directors, thought-leaders, change-makers, pioneers, trailblazers, activists – basically, any woman who has a fiery passion to make a positive impact in the world with their ideas, creative talents, wisdom and expertise.

It's for any woman who knows she has an independent, 'let’s do it' spirit who has a 'carpe-diem' mindset (or wants one) – who stands up for what she wants and wants to inspire herself and others with what she does and offers.

Coaching and mentoring will help you develop a business with a purpose.  At the minute you have mostly got a business by just winging it. You have developed a product or service that fills your soul, you 100% believe in it and trust that it will solve your client's problems and needs. have no idea how or where the clients or customers are coming from. From this place, it will be difficult to build a business with foundations that will provide you with stability, profits and scalability.

Typically I coach and mentor people to build and develop a scaffolding in their business that will allow them to attract the right people on autopilot.

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Why did you start coaching as a business?

Go check out my heartfelt post all about me and my background here.

How long does it take for your coaching to make a difference in my business?

There can be a catalyst moment in 1 coaching session that will unlock something missing – or generate an idea that changes everything – but the greatest learning from coaching and mentoring happens over a period of time. The longer we work together, the greater the depth of clarity we can uncover.

Like any development program (the gym or other), the more you put into it, the more you get out of it – coaching is a collaborative relationship – and we must both put in 100% effort in order to see the best results.

I have clients who have changed their life and business direction beyond measure in only 4 sessions, and others, who need 3-6 months to action what they need, to see the results they want.

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What's more effective – working 121 on your VIP programme or joining the fast track option?

What you truly need is down to your own commitment and what you and your business really need!

Working in my VIP 121 can allow you to make faster and more personalised progress, as the attention is purely on you. The fast-track programme is aimed more at someone who already has all the main elements of their business in place but needs help to pull it all together and create a strategy.

If you are unsure then reach out to me here contact.

Do you offer discounts on programs or pro-bono sessions?

Previously, I've given many, many hours of pro-bono and voluntary work in the coaching field for women (and men) who I wanted to support who weren't able to pay for coaching. However, I'm not able to offer pro-bono places or sessions at the present time.

To walk my talk as a Coach offering great value and expertise, I am now only offering a discount when I advertise specifically that I've got a special deal on certain programs.

My prices are fair and based on the time I and my team give, but also the value I bring, which has been amassed from over 16 years of working in the business and self-employed sector.

Coaching and these programs are often for a short period of time. They will give you tools and strategies to recuperate your investment costs over a relatively short period of time, especially if we set that as a goal within your plan.

So what may at first seem too expensive for you, can be quickly made back with the new structure and strategy that we will set for your business.  Personally, every time I have invested in a coach I have made my money back very quickly. (Again this comes down to your commitment and drive too).

I don't have a business yet – can I still be coached?

Yes! Sometimes, the best ideas come from being surrounded by inspirational women! My 121 programs definitely will help you to explore what thoughts, skills, passions you have and can help generate a killer-idea!

My VIP 121 programme is completely bespoke, so we will work on exactly what is needed for you.

I'm employed rather than self-employed, can I still be supported?

Although the programs are geared to support women who are already in business, I believe creativity and entrepreneurship can be present in employment too. If you want to be supported to make bold changes in your life, career or to work through an idea you have outside of your current role – then YES.

I've supported many women in employment who decide to stay employed or quit, to launch their own venture. Either way, we do what is right for you, so you have the foundations to do what you desire.

What outcomes can you guarantee I'll come out with?

Through the process, methods and strategies I'll share with you, I can guarantee that regardless of the goal you set, you'll feel clearer, more confident, and have a better structure for success.

The specific outcomes in business, career or life will depend on the goal you set. For example, you want to get new clients or create your idea to completion? I can show you how to do that, but you'll have to put in the effort to make those steps too! The more you put in, the more you'll get out.

We'll also check in throughout the 121, on what you're actioning or avoiding, so you're accountable/achieving what you want.  You are never alone or will feel unsure of what your next step is.

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