Your Business Should Be A Lifestyle, Not A Job!


As women and mothers we are constantly being told we can’t have it all and a lifetime of conditioning can make us blind, unable to see how easy it actually is. BUT the world is changing, right in front of our eyes women are taking action everyday, just look at the incredible waves of the MeToo movement! This is our time for change and that makes it your time!

I’ll be honest with you, this hasn’t been easy for me to write. When you try to write something that is so deep within your heart, it can be difficult to find the words. I couldn’t give up though, I need you to know how close you really are to the business and lifestyle of your dreams.

It’s tempting to switch off here I know, you feel you have heard it all before which is why I didn’t want to write another ‘you can earn 6 figures with my step by step guide’ post. I’ve read them too and they make everything feel so complicated and out of reach.

Instead today I take great delight in sharing with you that not only is it in your reach but you have probably already done most of the steps! You need to know how close you are, 6 figure success is not an unobtainable fantasy, it’s real and just a heartbeat away if you take the right aligned action.  Let me help you figure out what that is for you.

In this blog post I will write my heart out to convince you of the simple fact that you already have it all and all you need to do is slot it together and fill in the gaps.

The process I teach is what all the big online players are doing right now so today I invite you to join them and elevate yourself to where you know in your heart you deserve to be.

When I was a little girl I had a dream; I wanted to work in TV and film. I worked hard to pursue my goals but once I achieved them, I was bitterly disappointed.  It’s heartbreaking to discover that what you thought you wanted out of life wasn’t what you expected at all.

The problem was I had no idea what else to do, I never had a plan B. So I kept at it for 16 years, hoping it would get better and that I would find my joy. Looking back now, I don’t regret this time, it has given me the drive I have today to help other women ditch the expectations and find their aligned path.


I had my first baby boy while in the throws of my media career. He absolutely lit up my world while simultaneously bringing it crashing down around me. I felt like I had been hit by a bus (both metaphorically and physically)!

I felt the pressure to get back to ‘normal’ and go back to work but sleepless nights and long working days were crippling, I suffered from serious separation anxiety and I was verging on depression.

I had to get out.

I faced a crossroads in my life, I knew I couldn’t go on but we needed the money so I had to figure out how to earn a decent income without having a breakdown.

So I took the plunge, handed in my notice to start my own online business. I was absolutely petrified and everyone thought I was crazy but it was sink or swim.

Now this online business did quite well, I had more time at home with my boy, my mental health improved and money was coming in. Surely I was happy now?

Well no, you see life is so much more than earning enough to survive and get by. I longed for a business that lit my soul on fire, that created an income that would really change my world. I wanted it all and this is where I came up against the most resistance.

You see as women we are not supposed to have it all and even desiring it is seen as self indulgent. We are conditioned to know our place, to choose between life as a mother or a successful career, to hustle or to homemake.

I’d had enough.

I decided to stop, to examine exactly where I was and immerse myself in learning so that I could understand the steps I needed to take to create a business that was more than a job. It took bravery to stop, I had so many doubts and blocks, it always seems easier to bury your head in the sand and just keep going but I had done that for 16 years in my previous career and I knew that nothing gets better that way.

You can’t just hope things will improve you have to take action. Right now, women all over the world are changing their destiny. From the MeToo movement to equal pay demonstrations women have never and will never make strides without action. And I was ready to take action.

With the support of beautiful friends and an incredible business coach I have built a business that makes me feel excited to get up every morning. What amazed me more than anything was how close I actually had been all along. Part of me wanted to kick myself for not doing it sooner but I knew that this experience just gave me more passion to make things happen for women like you.

So today I want to give you the opportunity to do what I did; to stop, to examine exactly where you are right now and what you need to do to move forward. I promise you, you’re closer than you think.

More Clients, More Profit , More Family Time

Seems obvious right? But it doesn’t always seem so easy. Attracting high paying clients can feel like a constant uphill struggle and trying to figure out which strategy to use can be just as daunting and very time consuming, taking you away from your other hugely important job - being a mum.

There are a million ‘gurus’ out there telling you that you have  to follow their game plan to achieve success but how do you know who is right? This overwhelm and confusion leads to lack of focus and an inconsistent marketing approach which is the nail in the coffin for many mum’s in business.

The truth is you are so much closer than you think and when you take the time to assess exactly where you are right now you are empowered with the knowledge of how to move forward.

No more overwhelm, no more confusion, no more worrying about all the things you SHOULD be doing because you KNOW and you can get on with taking aligned action!

I can tell you, when you are in this place is feels awesome and more of the RIGHT clients are attracted to you, bringing you more profit and giving you more time to be mum.


An automated business is true freedom

The technical side of running a business is only easy if you know how. From sales funnels to a strategic Facebook ad strategy, you are not just born with this knowledge, you have to learn.

When you block yourself off from it because it seems too difficult or you haven’t got enough time you are doing both yourself and your potential clients a disservice.

Like many things in life, the hardest part of getting to grips with these things is getting over yourself first. Once you begin your learning journey you will realise two things, firstly you knew more than you thought in the first place and secondly it’s not that scary at all.

Using tech to automate your marketing is what will take your business from a job that pays the bills to a lifestyle. Allowing you to keep bringing in more clients while you have the freedom to spend quality time with your children (or drink more wine with your girlfriends, whatever comes first)!   

Get ready for real change

Most of the time the tech gets the blame but the real cause of our stagnation in business is ourselves. When you are a self-employed your business is part of your identity, it consumes you, it is you.

So when you implement strategies to uplevel, you know this means that you’ll be more visible. More people to see you, to judge you, to reject you. These are real fears that I have had and I see in nearly every one of my clients. As women, we constantly question if we are good enough and society has a habit of reinforcing this lack of confidence and confirming our inadequacies at every turn (one of the reasons I disliked the media)!

The truth is to uplevel and build a 6 figure business you have to be ready for it. You have to feel in your bones that you want more than just a survival income. You have to want it more than that mean nagging voice inside your head telling you-you're not good enough. You have to be able to tell her and the rest of the naysayers to f**k off!  

You can have it all and what’s more you bloody deserve it. What I want you to understand is that you are probably just a few steps away anyway so the question remains, what’s really stopping you?


By pausing and examining my own business I was able to take the steps I needed to launch and smash a successful coaching program but it isn’t just about me, it’s about the beautiful women I work with every day.

Women who also stopped, assessed where they were and empowered themselves with the knowledge to fill the gaps. They took aligned action towards their goals and it is a privilege to be part of their journey.

I have seen them flourish;

  • 4 figure sales in one day

  • A huge growth in confidence

  • More clients over night

  • Set bigger goals than they ever thought possible

  • Feel in control

  • Release fears about money

  • Gain more time

  • Apply successful marketing strategies and watch them work

  • Re-brand and uplevel themselves

  • Increase their income

  • Reach their goals

 And getting feedback like this just makes my soul sing…

 “Alexis and her knowledge for tech blows my mind. She is always one step ahead and up to speed with new skills and concepts.

 She is such an incredibly supportive and inspiring coach. She truly listens to the needs of her clients and delivers packages suited to their exact requirements.

 Her genuine, up front , positive and honest attitude is outstanding. She has a real passion and desire to help others and Inspire them to be the best they can.

 I am honoured to consider Alexis a friend and work colleague. She is an outstanding and beautiful person who strives to constantly develop and grow herself which in turn means her clients receive the best service going in the market.”

This is our time

I am so excited at the moment to see the progress women are making in the world, it happens on a big scale with legislative change, a cultural level with the MeToo movement but it is equally happening in regular households like yours and mine. Women like us are no longer accepting the status quo and instead of ‘knowing our place’ we are carving a new one.

This is our time, are you joining me?