My Top 7 Most Instagrammable Places To Visit In Glasgow

Let’s face it, if it’s not Instagram worthy is it even worth visiting? With over 800 million Instagrammers and 500 million of them being active every day AND 95 million photos and videos being shared per day...  Its safe to say that the competition is fierce in getting your photos/account viewed and liked..never mind followed.

 So all the more reason to surround yourself with beautiful surroundings to photograph and share.


Here are my 7 top places in my hometown of Glasgow, Scotland.

Market Coffee Glasgow

Market Coffee Glasgow

1 .  Market Coffee 

Myself and two girlfriends have now adopted this little gem as ours and the hashtag #matchamonday will be flooded with our Monday power sessions, fuelled by Matcha and GF, RSF and DF cake.  All in the name of self-care.

Market brings a New Zealand style coffee shop… which one-half owner and barista Jordan states as “light years ahead of us..”.

From the most perfect Matcha you will ever taste to Vanilla Rose Lattes, you won’t be disappointed by the offerings or the beautiful decor in this quaint coffee shop a stone's throw from Scotland's National football stadium.  

I will leave the Instagram worthy interior photos to do the talking, shall I? 

High Street Glasgow - Mural by Sam Bates aka Smug

High Street Glasgow - Mural by Sam Bates aka Smug

2.  Glasgow High Street Mural by Smug

Glasgow is filled with the most incredible murals but this one has got me like wow!  Painted by Australian street artist Sam Bates aka Smug, it depicts Mungo in modern-day clothes. Mungo is Glasgow’s patron saint, born in the 6th century. The story goes that when he was young, some boys from his village started throwing stones at robins that were pecking on the ground for scraps.

“One bird was hit and fell to the ground. The boys ran away. Mungo ran, too, but he ran to the fallen bird. Picking it up he smoothed and caressed its feathers and prayed over it. After a little while, it revived and flew away. Perhaps it was only stunned. The villagers called it a miracle and so it was that a small boy should want to help a fallen bird in trouble.”
Quote from The Beloved St. Mungo (1989).


3.  The Lighthouse 

The Lighthouse in Glasgow is Scotland's Centre for Design and Architecture. It was opened as part of Glasgow's status as UK City of Architecture and Design in 1999.
The Lighthouse is the renamed conversion of the former offices of the Glasgow Herald newspaper. Completed in 1895, it was designed by the architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh it was his first public commision.

One of the key features of The Lighthouse is the uninterrupted view over the Glasgow cityscape available from the Mackintosh Tower at the north of the building, which is accessible via a helical staircase from the third floor.

 4) Riverside Museum - Transport Museum

The Riverside Museum

The Riverside Museum

 One of my favourite places to take my two boys is the Riverside Museum, not only does it provide me with many photo opportunities but it is packed with things to see and learn.
The first thing that will hit you is the stunning exterior, even on a rainy day, you can capture the most incredibly dramatic image.

The building opened in June 2011 to replace the former Transport Museum. It was announced as the Winner of the 2013 European Museum of the Year Award and boasts  1,131,814 visitors annually.
It is also a free museum to attend, so hot foot yourself along for a day of Insta opportunities.



Kibble Palace

Kibble Palace

5)  Kibble Palace

Again we are lucky to have the most beautiful and free destinations to visit in Glasgow….especially when the weather isn’t behaving itself.  The Botanic Gardens in the West End of Glasgow is not to be missed.  
Kibble Palace is a 19th-century wrought iron framed glasshouse.  The main plant group is the collection of New Zealand and Australian tree ferns, some of which have lived here for 120 years and which now form the national tree fern collection.
Wandering around in here you will be forgiven if you think you have transported to an Amazonian rainforest, the humidity is high and if you are like my six year old you may even think some dinosaurs may jump out at any minute too.  You will capture the most incredible images of the roof of the palace, especially on a sunny day.

6) Cafe Strange Brew

Cafe Strange Brew

Cafe Strange Brew

Let's jump back across the city again to fill up your tummy and have a pit stop.  Cafe Strange Brew, located in the south side of the city has hands down the most Instagrammable pancakes they taste pretty epic.

Word of warning’s not unheard of for there to be a queue of hungry visitors waiting to get in but I promise it's worth the wait.

“Dog-friendly cafe in the heart of Shawlands serving up the best brunch in the south and a damn fine cup of coffee”
I will again let the photos do the talking here but all I can say is PANCAKES!!


7)  Ashton Lane

It's been an epic day of delicious matchas and pancakes, your camera is filled with the most incredible architecture and 120-year-old trees but before you settle for the night, you must visit Ashton Lane in the West End for a tipple or two.  


Ashton Lane is a cobbled backstreet and it is connected to Byres Road by a short linking lane beside Hillhead subway station and is noted for its bars, restaurants and a licensed cinema.  The ‘Chip’ being the most famous. 

On a summers night, the lane will be packed with locals and tourists enjoying the atmosphere, food and drink on offer.  The photo opportunities are everywhere


Now Pick up your phone and purse and enjoy some truly delightful pockets of Glasgow.  Enjoy xx

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