How to Fall Back In Love with Instagram

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You guys.

Hands up who is not feeling the insta-love right now?!

Algorithm changes have meant that techniques which used to help us connect with the right people are no longer working quite the same.

If you’ve experienced a drop in engagement (and in your love for the platform) over the past few months, you are not alone. I’m testing away to see what helps boost your beautiful posts to the right people, but in the meantime, it’s time to take a little step back and ask ourselves why, even if we aren’t getting the same results, we should continue to devote a little time and energy to Insta.

Like any healthy relationship, it needs both sides to work. So let’s line up ways to reignite that Instagram passion, and in return, want to give us a lil more exposure, Insta? Thanks in advance!


Share the Love

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Image- Unsplash

First up - you have the power to make some people really happy.

You could do a #followfriday and shout out some great clients or business friends, or just great accounts that you love following!

The easiest way to do this is in your stories. You can take a screenshot of their grid, or maybe a favourite image that they shared recently.

Write a little bit to your followers about what they can expect from following this account, and make sure you tag the account so others can jump straight over there, and so that the person you are tagging can see the love!

As someone who has both shared accounts, and been shared by others, it really does create that warm fuzzy feeling that a lovely message always gives.

Be brave, and share the love in your stories.


Find Hashtags that Make Your Heart Happy

Next time you go on Instagram for a wee scroll, try something new.

Rather than just heading down your newsfeed, try jumping from hashtag to hashtag. I have discovered some really inspiring images this way, and it gets you connecting with people outside of your existing Insta circle.

Instagram makes it easy with the current ‘follow hashtag’ option to just scroll through lots of exciting new accounts, or, you can use the suggested hashtags options to jump from theme to theme.

Some beautiful recent hashtags I have found this way include:

#gloomandglow - Just making nice photos out of all that rain and snow!

#make_more_magic - Often images with playful tweaks that make them magical

#oneofthebunch - bunch of flowers? Bunch of friends? You pick!

#livefolk - Already a pretty big one, but seems to attract consistently quaint images and travel shots which are a welcome escape, sometimes.

If you’re going to spend ten minutes mindlessly scrolling either way, then it can’t hurt use that time to search Instagram a little more intentionally.


Focus on the One on One

Here’s the thing:

Image - Unsplash

Image - Unsplash

Instagram is not about having millions of followers. It’s about being in the right place at the right time for that ONE person who needs you or your business right now.

One thing that we can all still do, is to send a humble DM! It might only be going to one person, and they might never read it, but who cares?

Oh, but what if they think I’m weird??

Who cares? As long as it’s sincere, positive and warm then I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sending a little message here and there.

I have sent a few in the past that look a little like this:

Hey! I just found your account using #______ and it caught my eye right away - I love what you are doing with ______. How did you come up with that idea, if you don’t mind my asking? I have been working on doing _______ but it’s interesting to see how else it can be done. Either way, I mostly wanted to say that I love your grid and you have a new follower in me! I hope you are having a great day, Alexis.

See, not weird.

Not really ….


If you aren’t already a member then make sure you join my Facebook group, The Creativepreneur Collective. I’m working on some resources to turn that Instagram strategy around, and they’re exclusive to group members!

If you have specific questions about what we’ve talked about here? You can get in touch with me here.

Good luck, and see you on the ‘gram!