How I Developed An Unshakable Mindset In Three Easy Steps

Image - Unsplash

Image - Unsplash

There is not a day that goes by that I am not asked about how I have managed to develop such a strong and focused mindset, so I thought I would pop it all down here for all to read.

Mindset is sadly something that most people completely overlook and struggle with, however, in my opinion, it is the most important thing for every area of your life and will be the deciding factor when it comes to making decisions.

The concept of having a good mindset was introduced to me around 4 years ago, before that the word mindset didn’t really exist in my life.  I was always a glass half full kind of gal but I still had an underdeveloped mindset shall we say in so many areas of my life, one being my hear me, girls!

I was instantly intrigued by it all since I have a very open mind about these sort of things, so I thought..'what do I have to lose?'.  My first full exposure to it all was attending a full day seminar with a very highly acknowledged life and mindset coach. What a way to get started eh? Straight in two feet first.

It blew me away.

At one point we were all standing in the room with our eyes closed, imagining a circle that we were to step into….don't get me wrong, at that moment I definitely had thoughts of, “am I crazy?”, “what am I doing here?”, but continued on anyway and as the day unfolded I was astounded at how amazing I felt, how motivated, clear and focused to smash all of those goals that had just been lingering in the back of my head somewhere...with a, “that will never work” or a “what will people think” label.

I left feeling on top of the world with a laser-like focus on my goals.  ‘Wow! What is this feeling?’  ‘Can I have it every day please?’.  I also left armed with a bag full of books and audios that had been recommended.

That was the day that proved to me that this was something.  Something that deserved some attention and focus and at the end of the day, was it going to have any negative effect?  No, so what did I have to lose?

Following that day I threw myself into anything I could find, audios, books, youtube videos, inspiring name it I did it.  Feeding my mind every day felt addictive, like some sort of high and every day I felt my belief in myself and what I could achieve grow.

I loved it.

(I must note, this was coming off the back of a time in my life that I was now a mum.  Which is the most amazing gift to any woman who wants it but it changes you.  It changes you for good and bad, and for me, it rocked my confidence in who I was and what I could achieve.  I suffered badly from separation anxiety which sort of hindered my ability to work as hard as I did before.  Read more on that here.)

I sort of resembled a two-year-old ransacking a toy bag, with all of these different ways and means to feed my mind.  I gave each toy two seconds before moving on to the next to see if that one fit me better.

What I then realised was I was trying to engulf myself with so much positive material, it was almost overload.  I decided to condense to the things that really worked for me.  Things that I enjoyed doing.  The things that didn't feel like work.

That is my first tip, find what works for you, what you get the most from and enjoy doing.  It shouldn’t feel like work to you, it should slip into your routine and you should be excited to do it.

Now after 4 years I have developed my own formula, but the one thing that is constant in every person is that you NEED to be in every day, not just…” well I read that book last month so…”

Your mindset is a muscle like any other muscle in your body that needs daily work to grow.

Image - Unsplash

Image - Unsplash

Here are my three simple strategies that work for me.

  1. Emotionally attach yourself to your goals.

So first things first you need to have actual goals, whether this is in Life or Business you need a target to aim for.  If a footballer on the field didn’t have a clear goal to aim for, what would happen?  They would go round in circles, right?  

Set yourself short-term goals, long-term goals but the key and the difference of you actually achieving those goals is emotionally attaching yourself to them.

What will my life look like when I achieve them?
What will my average day look like?
What will I be wearing?  Will I be smart, groomed, together?
What will I be able to do for my family?
What does my dream house look like?
What sound does it make as I walk up to my front door?

Be as detailed as you possibly can.  Really see and feel what it will be like when you achieve those goals.  What will your front door look like?
What will your garden smell like?  What Car will I drive?

The main thing that will keep you and your mindset on track is knowing, feeling, seeing, smelling what your goals will be like when you achieve them.

This will stop you in your tracks if you start to veer off into the….I can’t do this, that will never happen to of excuses. 

2.  Work on your personal development every day.

Now for me, as mentioned above, I know what I enjoy and what works for me now.  And that is, 

Audiobooks - Current one is ‘How to be a badass at making money’ - Jen Sincero
I have an audiobook (audible) on the go all of the time.  I play them while I am putting my makeup on, doing ironing, in the car, anywhere I am on my own like a coffee shop etc.  I play at least 15-20 minutes every day.

I also love reading inspirational quotes and I take time to research ones that resonate with me and repost them. 

I also invest in my business too, gaining more knowledge and information on what it is I am doing empowers me and makes me more confident in my field of expertise.

3.  Now, this is a biggy, limit that amount of time you spend with negative, toxic people.

Quick note….these people may be and are most likely your family.  Yep, sorry but it’s true.  Family love nothing better than to shoot you down in flames or actually show zero interest in your life and your want to better it.  Same goes for friends, we all have that one friend that has done something better, bigger or before you, right?  

You must learn to really limit the amount of time you spend with these people, protect your positive mindset like it’s worth a million bucks! Because guess what, it actually is.  Your mindset and what you believe and tell yourself is the difference between you succeeding in anything you want to do, or retreating back to your hamster wheel because it is safe and warm.  Nothing grows in a hamster wheel.


In the last 4 years I have invested in myself, stayed consistent and the muscle has developed slowly over time….that’s not to say I don’t have the odd moment but they are few and far between and I have the skills to very quickly get my head back to reality.  

So your main take away from this find what works for you, practice it daily, protect your mind from outside negative influences and get really emotionally attached to your goals. 

Ps The Universe ALWAYS has your back!