How Do Health And Fitness Professionals Build A Business Past The Face to Face Client?

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Image - Unsplash

Recently, I’ve been thinking about service-based businesses, such as nutrition consultation, personal training and fitness etc.


Firstly, because many of my clients are building businesses in this area, and secondly, because these service-based businesses are (wrongly) perceived to be limited in the fact that you need to trade every ounce of your actual time for money.

Let’s take the example of personal training. As a trainer, you have 24 hours in the day, the same as anyone else. You cannot add any more client hours in than those you have available, and you have to do them in a face-to-face environment.  This means there will always be a cap on what you can earn and how you can scale your business.

If this sounds like your business, then i’m sure that doesn’t fill you with motivation and inspiration.  The one thing that we can all agree on is the need and want for more time, time to build your business, time with family/friends and time to do the things you really want to do yourself.  Yes?  Well let’s explore a way for you to grow your business and income but also grow in time.

We aren’t talking about stretching yourself to anything more than what you know and do now (apart from a bit of tech), quite the opposite, in fact. We’re talking about understanding how you can sell your services over and over, way after you have created it, in different forms, and then watch your business reach that global audience it deserves.  Sound good?

Warning!!!  This does mean that in the short term, while you learn, develop and create, you will be working a bit harder.  Time might get a little squeezed...but remember I said, short term.  It just means that you might need to be a little more strategic in your approach to your current time and what you choose to do with it.  This is when you keep that big vision firmly in mind.

Sounding up your street?

Read on, to learn some more.

Building a Following

It is really easy to assume that super popular fitness entrepreneurs, such as Joe Wickes (The Body Coach) or Kayla Itsines just sort of went viral one day, and gained millions of followers via social media and then opportunities just came and chapped their door.  This doesn’t happen, if you want something in life, you need to find that door and open it.

It takes vision, determination, hard work, and a whole lot of intention.  That aside the end result is pretty amazing, I have seen it first hand.

image - Unsplash

image - Unsplash

Every decision you make for your business will be a whole lot easier if you start by considering that big vision of what you dream of achieving. This vision will guide you and help you curate what you share, reducing the amount of time spent on things which do not reflect your long-term plan. In this occasion the plan is to take your knowledge and skills and convert them into an online programme or course.

Whether you’re starting your business journey with 100 followers or 10,000, you must abide by these same rules:

  • Be consistent
  • Serve your ideal follower (profile them to understand who they are)
  • Be patient, Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say.
  • Give more than what you expect back.  Think information, inspiration and motivation always.

Let’s break these points down really quickly.

First up - consistency.

No matter which online platform you are building your business on, consistency is incredibly important. Make a plan, and stick to it (download my free social media planner here, to keep you on track).  If you have any doubts about your ability to stick to it, then maybe start by streamlining your attempts on just one or two platforms, but really nailing those first.

Being consistent and true to your ideal follower will start to build your audience.  An audience who is really interested in what you have to say and will eventually be willing to pay for it.

Secondly - always seek to serve. If you are looking at a post and you can’t figure out what someone would gain by reading it, then it is not helpful content.  Again, information, inspiration and motivation….how can you provide these.

Will it inspire them? Inform them? Teach them something?

If in doubt, it’s probably not actually valuable content.

Thirdly, patience is huge!  Stay focused on building your audience and serving them, the rest will come naturally.

Finally, give more than you get.  If you think you are giving away too much information, then give more.

Now, you need to head out onto the internet, find your potential clients who are asking the questions you are answering, and guide them towards your content. Do this on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, via a blog...and most importantly, engage with them.  It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason.

Simple? Yes.

Easy? Nope.  It’s a business, treat it like one and put in the time and effort.

Turning Followers into Clients

The rule in business, as with many things in life, is to show, not tell.

Don’t tell your clients you know what you’re doing. Show them.

This means sharing things such as recipes, meal plans, fitness videos and fitness plans (for our fitness entrepreneurs) for free.

This change in mentality is fairly recent … but it is really powerful. If you are not sharing your knowledge freely, then you actually can’t expect people to pay for more.

Once you’ve got people responding positively to your content, you know you have found your niche. Giving away free information does not undervalue your knowledge, it helps people understand exactly what you can give them.

Now, it’s probably impossible for you to fit all these followers into your actual training schedule, even if you’re running lots of classes open to many. Plus, you don’t want to be restricting yourself geographically to those who can actually get to your classes in person.

So let’s now look at ways of engaging with all these new followers, who are interested in what you do, and have built up trust in your brand by turning it into a digital product.


What does that look like?

Let’s take Joe Wickes as an example. He has the same number of hours in the day as us for scheduling one on one appointments, but his online programme sss 90 Plan is globally successful and recognised. A single programme earns him a lot less over all, than a one on one client that he might train for a year or more, but it his programme can be bought over and over by more people worldwide...even while he sleeps.

What could you create from your knowledge, skills and unique experience which could be sold over and over again?

Maybe it’s access to video fitness training programme or maybe it’s a recipe e-book.  Whatever it is, just know that it is there for everyone, no matter what your industry or business type, to become an influencer on an international scale, and make money from doing what you love.

Why not make it a goal to brush up on your video technique, and run an online masterclass in the things you are asked most often? You charge less than a one on one class, but you can engage directly with SO many more people. Suddenly, you are maximising your time in a completely different way.

It just needs a bit of planning and a LOT of passion.  Also forget about your fear of tech, that can be coached and learned as easy as anything else.

This strategy is key for building success and profit online, no matter what your industry is. Let’s round this up with some tips for getting your own strategy off to a flying start.


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Image - Unsplash

Make Your ‘Go Global’ Plan

The first thing you’re going to need here, is a little bit of help. The last thing we want is for you to feel like you’re overwhelmed before we’ve even started!

Let’s make one thing clear. You don’t need to be an expert writer, videographer or social media star. You just need to know your stuff in your niche. Everything else can be taught.

Behind every successful influencer is a support network, and yours is possibly full of people you haven’t even met yet!

Find people who have achieved the things you are working towards, and watch what they are doing. Be self-reflective and don’t be afraid to ask questions when you need to.

Get yourself out there on social media, consistently and aim to serve your target audience.  Become the expert in your niche.

I hope this has inspired you to start thinking outside of the box,  the business world is going digital and you should be too.

This to look at,

Thinkific - Create, market, and sell courses online from your own website.

Canva - A simple graphic design tool, that will help you make that recipe book a reality.

I would love to schedule a FREE call with you (Book HERE), to discuss your plans and see how I can help. From one on one sessions, to a free and exclusive Facebook Community (Join HERE) crammed full of genius marketing tips, there will be something to suit your current stage of business growth.

Reach out to those around you. Keep your eyes on the prize and your feet on the ground, and let’s go global!