Attention Small Businesses...are your sales slower than you would like?


So you post everyday, you engage with your followers, you actively seek new people, you perfect your feed, your follower list is good and growing….BUT your conversion rates to actual sales are poor and not where you would like it to be?  Sound like your business?

Well my guess is it has nothing to do with how great your Instagram or other social media channels are, it’s the fact that you have no marketing strategy.  Don’t be scared by’s not complicated at all but the honest fact is, if you don’t have a proper marketing strategy in place you won’t grow...full stop.

Your product is most likely amazing, unique, good quality….hey you designed, made and sweated over why don’t your customers see that?  The fact is they do and will, but you are not getting your product in front of the right people...the people who are ready, cash in hand to buy what you have to offer.

One of my favourite quotes is, “If you are talking to everyone, then you are talking to no one”, and it is so true, if you are metaphorically chucking your product..albeit consistently out of the car the hope SOMEONE will catch it, then you’re going about it all wrong.

Upside to all this...there are simple systems and strategies that you can learn and implement straight away to see your sales grow.  Sound good?  Want to learn?  Or continue chucking stuff out the car window?  OF COURSE YOU DON’T….I knew you wanted more!

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